I + Blog = Love

Hello !


I have no idea how you got on my blog but I’m glad you passed by and hope you will be back.

Let me introduce myself!

I am Mirona, a Romanian living in Belgium. I have a job that has nothing to do with writing, but you can get more about my “real” professional life on LinkedIn. Aside this job, that I enjoy, I also blog (I suppose you already noticed this) and write for a Romanian news agency, I am a mom for a crazy baby, a wife for a patience husband and a slave for four Guinea Pigs. I’m all of this and none of them in particular…

Why this blog?! Because I feel like some things are better said in English and deserve to be wider spread than only among Romanians.


Some explanations:

  • My very patience husband is known online as Mr. G
  • My very funny daughter (I’m sure all babies are funny, but mine is the funniest for me :D) is well known in the Romanian online as Bulbuc. (read as BOOLBOOC) Bulbuc is the Romanian for bubble, but sounds much funnier, so I’ll stick with it if you don’t mind.
  • (They both have very common names, but this is not important for the purpose of this blog. J )
  • My Guinea Pigs have their own blog and they are called Kirk, Worf, Data and Spock. (Yeah, it’s a miracle that our daughter was not named Uhura!) They are a very important part of our family and I believe you’ll notice this here also.


Copyrights and commercial policy

All the content of this blog belongs to me, Mirona Mitache. You can quote, but you should not reproduce without referring to the source.

I am not interested in praising products that I have never tried/used, participating in link exchanges etc. Of course, every demand will be analysed separately.



None of my articles represent a medical or legal point of view, except where such is quoted. You should not consider this being The Truth and you should not rely on the information for treating your child. Remember: It is always best to seek real medical advice than to search on the internet. You might lose precious time by doing so.


Enjoy it!

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