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Time to ask questions

funny-monkeyMy daughter is not a baby anymore. A toddler yes, a little girl for sure, but not a baby.

I don’t think I actually realised this until few days ago when we found a video from her first birthday. We gave her the presents, some books, packed in different bags, envelops and papers.

After watching that video, I remembered one from the day she turned 18 months. We were dancing on Placebo.

The difference between the two is tremendous. The kid she was at 18 months is totally different from the 12 months old baby. In 6 months she started walking, running, dancing, talking and many other things.

They develop super-fast. It is amazing. I don’t miss her as a baby, although I don’t enjoy not really remembering her at 2 months… I love this toddlerhood phase, I find it very funny. But I am somehow sad that she grows so fast. I know it’s normal, but I am just wondering if she has the chance to fully enjoy this period.

Living with her is funny. The way she picks from the fridge what she wants, the way she explains me that the plane-balloon looks like a wolf from a certain angle, the way she runs busy through the house, the way she insists on doing things by herself…

And we start to understand each other. I mean we are starting to understand what she asks for, because she understands very well what we ask from her for a while now. Usually she reacts positive to our demands, but when she refuses her “no” is very funny. J (Yeap, let’s keep it positive!)

She bubbles a lot, I don’t understand everything. Actually I understand about 100 words, Romanian and French. So I ask simple questions if I want to know more.

One funny conversation we had few nights ago:

Me: Are you going to sleep through the night?

Bubble: No.

Me: Why?

Bubble raises her shoulders.

Me: Would you like to sleep in your crib?

Bubble: No.

Me: Would you like to sleep next to me?

Bubble: No.

Me: Would you like to sleep in my arms?

Bubble: Yes.

So, it’s easy to get what she wants. Too bad it doesn’t exactly meet my expectations. But we start negotiating after and we get to a common point.

I think my amusement is doubled by her size. When I see 80 cm of kid running around with a I-am-busy face it makes me laugh.

Now I wonder what would be our next deep conversation. 😀


*Photo: Shutterstock

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