How not to use a co-sleeper

sleeping-monkeyMy brain is drained by the pregnancy. Just to explain my absence… Now back to the point.

Last year in December I have tried to move Bubble in her room. I ended up sleeping with her in the small bedroom that was not even equipped for this.

In the meanwhile we got a matrass and we got rid of her crib. Actually, we sold it just before I learned I was pregnant with Kohlrabi and after we used it as a changing table, play couch for her etc.

Few weeks ago Bubble developed a phobia of her room. Or close to it. Meaning that she was waking up in the middle of the night, at random hours, and started asking to get out of that room and go sleep on the couch. Not fun at all for a pregnant sleep deprived mom! Especially that dad is already sleeping on one side of that couch. (Yeah, weird family, what may I say?!)

After two weeks like this I got desperate. So we (re)arranged the main bedroom, put some anti-mould product an a specific wall and moved back there.

We put one side of the bed against a wall, but the other one was available for a kid to roll over. And Bubble already tested the landing from that bed…

So I was very happy when we found a second hand co-sleeper that we were planning to buy for Kohlrabi anyhow. Husband brought it home last Friday, while Bubble was sleeping.

First I told myself that we will keep it dismantled somewhere in the house. Just that the crib was in the living room next morning and Bubble decided it was a nice playground. So nice that she insisted on having her omelette in it.

With her help, I cleaned it a little bit and installed it in the bedroom. I even remembered about a sized pillow and duvet and took them out. Suddenly my toddler explained me that the co-sleeper was a place for “dodo” (sleeping) and for her noon nap she even tried to sleep in there. Of course I was a better pillow, so she finally ended up with her head on my lap.

For the evening she nursed and then she actually fell asleep in the co-sleeper. That was hilarious! Because the co-sleeper is 98cm long and she is already 80cm. So not really enough space to toss around. But she managed to sleep in there…

I was already imagining ourselves buying a new normal sized crib for her, while Kohlrabi will take the co-sleeper and I will enjoy a 140cm bed all by myself. Life was suddenly amazing! Just that I needed to fit both cribs in the room.

But Bubble solved my fitting issue fast. Actually after 2.5 hours. She woke up and rolled into the main bed. And she stayed there ever since. So, after all, I don’t have to kill my neurons trying to find solutions for fitting two cribs.

It’s been a week now since we have a co-sleeper that serves for… well, not for sleeping! But at least she can’t roll out of bed. 😀

I have no illusions about the fact that Kohlrabi will sleep in there. I imagine the three of us will end up in the same bed. Which is fine! I love sleeping close to her, so I suppose it will be double love.


*Photo: Shortzilla

One thought on “How not to use a co-sleeper

  1. Actually I,m sleeping in the co-sleeper somehow (the upper part of my body) 😛 and the almost 11months old in the main bed with his father pushed on the other side just few cm away from falling. So…you are not alone :D!


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