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Bubble One Boot

monkey-with-bootsSaturday evening I was bragging that we had never lost some of Bubble’s clothes or shoes. Of course, except those lost in the crèche (one pair of leggings and one pair of socks).

To my surprise, I ended up on Monday morning noticing that we have lost… one boot! Yeap, one boot.

It was in the stroller’s basket, along with the Manduca and some floating ‘devices’. We took the boots to the swimming pool just in case she would ask to walk. We don’t ask her to wear boots in the stroller… And one was gone.

I felt like crap! Honestly, how could one lose a boot from the stroller’s basket?! You would notice… Or you should.

Whatever. The harm has been done.

We still have the other boot because we hope on finding the missing one at the swimming pool on Saturday. And I made the horrible mistake of not hiding it. I thought that just one boot would be of no interest for her. Two boots were not of great interest in the house so why would just one be?

But toddlers are surprising. And super fun. So yesterday evening just before bed time she decided that walking around with one boot would be just awesome. For about half an hour. At some point I thought she would take the boot in bed with her. Finally she dropped the boot somewhere in the house and fell asleep.

This morning she woke up, ate, and started to play around. And she found the boot. What followed was another 20 minutes of walking all over with one boot.

When I tried to put her socks for the crèche, she refused and took the boot once again.

When I’ve tried putting her in the pram without the boot, she unleashed the tsunami. After 20 seconds of reflection I realized there is no harm in letting her wearing the boot in the stroller, so we left the house like that.

At the crèche I’ve tried not taking out the boot from the stroller, but she insisted. So I dropped her wearing just one boot and no socks.

Finally one of the caregivers convinced her calmly to drop that boot that ended up in my back pack.

Let’s keep it positive: at least she didn’t ask to walk on the street like that. 😀

(As long as her actions are doing no harm to her or the others, I really don’t care if it’s socially appropriate or not. Of course, I would not let her climb on the table, especially in a restaurant, or stealing things, but walking around with one boot is just a regular toddler thing. 🙂 )

*Photo: ToonHood

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