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Ranting about pregnancy

angry-monkeyI am more absent than present on my blogs due to… pregnancy. Well, because of the fatigue, to be more precise.

I have days with nausea and it drains me out of any form of energy I might have. If for the first one I could just go home, climb the couch and turn into a couch potato with a laptop, now I don’t have that luxury. Toddler in action!

Bubble needs her dinner, her bath, her momma time. Then she needs me to put her to bed. And transport her all over the place and watch the lights on the street for one more time and say good night to the piggies again and…

So, no rest for me. And then I wake up and see my breakfast and my stomach decides it’s not pleasing. I end up at work in a rush because Bubble had to be convinced not to take my pillow to the crèche. And I have a “late breakfast” consisting of tomato & pasta soup.

Honestly, I don’t like being pregnant. I like the final result, but not the process. This was exactly my feeling first time too.

Now I look forward for the next 5.5 months to pass, to hold a healthy boy in my arms and continue a life without nausea.

See you at the better end!

P.S. I have missed a Placebo concert because I am too tired! I just want to hide under the couch and cry.



2 thoughts on “Ranting about pregnancy

  1. I know, pregnancy can be tough. Mine wasn’t easy either: nausea, tiredness, etc. You are a hero for being pregnant and having a toddler! I would like another baby too, but I am scared of what you wrote here – impossible to rest on the couch and sleep when you feel like it, because you need to spend time with the kid.. 😦 how do you do it??! You are awesome, really 🙂

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    1. I’m no hero. Just a little bit crazy. :)))
      Actually, what drives me is the knowledge that it will end in few years. This fatigue thing. Either I’d be adapted and not feel it anymore, either they would really sleep better and be less dependent. I’ll let you know. :))


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