Mama’s little helper

1306184-lineart-clipart-of-a-cartoon-black-and-white-happy-grinning-yeti-abominable-snowman-monkey-with-a-rake-and-autumn-leaves-royalty-free-outline-vectorIf I ever complain of not having time to do this and that, please send me to this post. I mean how could I complain when I have such a help at home? But let me explain. 😀

Bubble helps us a lot. It’s not that we ask her to do anything, it’s just that she wants to help. Just to make it clear before somebody puts me in jail for child exploitation…

She insists on helping with cleaning and feeding the piggies. So I get all the clean puppy pads in the cages. All of them, not only those that I need. And I must clean around them trying hard not to get them dirty before even placing them to the right spot.

She also helps giving the hay. Please read “she spreads hay all over the room”. Or feeding the veggies… Ups, sorry, I mean spreading celery and parsley greens all over.

Lately she is very fond of the home appliances, like the dish washer and the washing machine.

This morning she took her clean plate and put it in the dish washer, then came and tried to remove my plate too. What’s the issue? Well, I still had a lot of food on my plate! Of course, then she goes and starts the dish washer and we need to convince her it is not yet the time!

Yesterday she put some toys in the washing machine and insisted turning it on. No, not stuffed toys! Something made from wood, plastic and metal.

Once I did turn on the washing machine in the morning. Just to arrive home in the afternoon and find it paused. I suppose someone did push the right button!

Sometimes she just takes all the clean clothes from the dryer and puts them back in the machine. Then insists that I help her add the detergent.

Oh, and not to forget to mention that she knows exactly that there is food in the fridge and if she’s hungry she just goes and brings the cheese. I just need to teach her to cook now!

Now I really can’t understand why I had no time / inspiration to write a post in the past 20 days… Lazy mom!

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