One hungry Bubble

chomper-hungry-shadedBubble is a petit, funny and gourmand toddler. Sharing the house with her is full of amusing moments. But when it comes to sharing the food, one must be prepared to starve. And that won’t be Bubble!

Yesterday evening I had cooked 250g of ravioli 4 formaggi. On the bag was written that is should be fine for two. I trusted the bag. Big mistake!

First of all, when she saw me putting the pastas in the pot she already started asking for them. Loud! Louder! Sometimes I have to give her one uncooked pasta to calm her down…

After 2 minutes, finally the pastas were boiled. I managed to put them on a plate while she was demanding them with all the force of her 75 cm.

When she got in her high chair with the plate in front of her it was like some pastas’ beast was unleashed. I was not moving fast enough to cut them in two (they were too hot) for how fast she was eating them.

There were around 40 pastas in the bag. I was hoping that the pregnant me would eat about 25 and Bubble 15. Well… Bubble 30, me 10. Cool, hah?!

As Kohlrabi needed some food too, I went and prepared myself a sandwich with butter and salmon hoping that I could at least eat that in peace. Salmon?! Somebody said salmon?! Bubble’s radar spotted it extremely fast and she was in front of me with her mouth wide opened in about one nanosecond. OK, I shared my salmon too.

Next, I prepared another sandwich with mustard and salami. (No, she doesn’t eat salami and I eat it rarely. It was an emergency. J)) )And she demanded that too. She got only some small pieces of bread and mustard.

So, from now on, I’ll have one first dinner in the office. 😀



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