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The bad mom and Bubble’s shoes

monkey-shoesSince 10 days now Bubble asks quite often to take out her shoes in the middle of the street and she continues walking bare foot. Given that fact that she really liked her Nike Waffle 1, I found that very weird. But there is an explanation…

I was telling myself for almost 3 weeks now to measure her sole because I had the feeling she outgrew her shoes. But Husband was dismissing this idea making fun of my overprotective mom side. As I have to take care of all my blogs, the four piggies and the two kids (one born, one unborn), I decided to trust my husband.

But as Bubble kept asking to take off her shoes, I finally managed to measure her feet on Saturday. Well, what to see? Only 2 mm left for her legs to feel comfortable. I felt awful. I mean, come on! I could have trusted my guts!

Well on Sunday we let her walk bare foot all over the neighbourhood (it was the local party) and ordered her new shoes. I chose also some Nike hoping they would be as flexible as her first shoes. Unfortunately they aren’t. I received them today and I am not impressed. Just that she needs shoes, so we will use them for a while.

It is super-hot in Brussels for the moment, but this completely out of track weather couldn’t possibly last too long. So in few weeks we would have to buy her fall / winter shoes and there I have some recommendations for flexible ones.

Tip: if your kid suddenly asks often to take out his shoes in the middle of the street or to be carried, check the shoes! 😀



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