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Here I go again!

pregnant-monkeyI am pregnant. Again. And it’s not an accident.

And this is just a warning. Because most probably you would have to bear with me. I may be cranky, my brain may go on strike, my hormones could make me impossible. I know that I already braced myself for this freaking 9 months. OK, still 7.5 t go.

Not even with my first one, I was not just happy to be living the joys of pregnancy. I remember some other women have tried to convince me that it was the best part of my life. Well, it was just a sick part of my life.

Don’t get me wrong – is not that I don’t wish having kids (Come on! I have just planned two!), it’s just that I don’t really feel like loving being pregnant. I like raising kids, but I would rather adopt them. We’ll get to that point too, but for the moment I must get through a second pregnancy.

By the way, I hear myself talking and get shocked by what I say. Few years ago it would have been just crazy to even think like this. Now I am more like ‘let’s just go with the flow’.

Before giving birth to Bubble, I was just hoping to be able to breastfeed for 3 months. Well, she is 17m now and still nurses. I even consider tandem nursing… Crazy! Crazy!

I was also convinced my kids will not share bed with us. Now I contemplate the idea of the 3 of us (Bubble, Kohlrabi and I) sharing the same bed.

And I’ll stop here, otherwise I may get depressed due to my lack of consistence. Or due to my hormones. Who knows?!

So, yep, I am pregnant again. If everything goes well, Kohlrabi (code name like Bubble :D) should be born end of April, beginning of May next year.

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