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Dancing in the street

dancing monkeyHave I ever told you that life with my toddler is never boring ? I must have missed that…

Wednesday I picked her up from the crèche and our way back home was accompanied by her screams and huge tears. It seemed to me that she had forgoten something to the crèche, but while we were there I couldn’t figure out what… The dog she took from home in the morning was in her arms, all her clothes were on her. No clue!

She calmed a little bit when we met one of her dog friends from the neighbourhood, but she still cried until we managed to enter the house and I forced a boob in her mouth. (Dear Mother nature, thanks for the boobs!) As a matter of fact, she even had a little nap from 6 to 6.30 pm. Marvellous, given the fact that she needs at least 3-4h between her last nap and the night sleep…

I managed to convince her to eat some tortellini afterwards, but you could see she was still upset. So I had no hesitation when we went in the bedroom to put some order in the wardrobe and she wanted to play with the Christmas decorations. That really brightened up her face. Priceless.

And all those globes opened her appetite for a walk too… At 8 pm she was dragging me out of the house for a walk. I was hoping for a short one, but she had other plans. And we went where she hadn’t gone before by foot. Should I say that I was in my PJ’s? Thanks all gods I wear leggings and a T-shirt for the night and nobody noticed.

Not just that we had a long walk, but we also had to dance in the street. When she hears music, she stops and starts dancing. And asks me to do the same. I must admit, it’s been a while since I last danced in the street.

And we also enjoyed some moments of contemplation while seating on a bench at the bus stop. Apparently it is very funny to watch cars and buses passing by.

Finally, at 8.45 pm we entered our building. While I had the impression we are going straight to bed, she had other plans and tried to climb up and down the stairs to the first floor. That moment I literally stormed her into the house and put her to bed. I could see she was tired but still willing to explore.

Yesterday it has her father’s turn to take her out for a walk. Apparently no dancing in the street. 😀

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