How to steal and read a free newspaper

monkey reading newspaperI have no idea what you have done yesterday evening. But I know exactly what we had done. Bubble and I.

Although she had a virus and she slept only one hour yesterday during the day, at 6.45 pm she was in front of our entrance door screaming bloody murder to convince me to take her out. OK, why not?! Let’s have a walk.

Of course that after 10 steps on the side walk she asked to be carried. Dah! Then she saw her father coming back from the supermarket and literally run to him. And she didn’t want to go home anymore, but just to make the tour of the neighbourhood. Fine for me…

After we crossed the streets in the round about several times and stopped buses and cars (nice people!), we finally managed to return on our street and head home.

Just that Bubble found a free newspaper on a porch. OK, on a step in front of a house. 😀 She took it and decided she needs to read it.

She stopped and sat on the next ‘porch’ and leisurely opened the newspaper and ‘read’ to me some news. Then she got up, went to the next ‘porch’ and did the same.

Well, you get the idea… The only variation was that at some point she sat on the sidewalk too.

I managed somehow to convince her to go home. But the newspaper followed us closely. And it lays in front of the door since yesterday evening.

I wonder if I should return it with an apologise note…

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