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The stress before the holidays

stresed monkeySaturday we are taking off for 10 days. Unlike me, this time I am stressed. OK, like me when I have time to over think about something. 🙂

From 2013 and until this vacation I used to stress for my Guinea Pigs. The only exception was in 2014 when I left for 6 days but they were home with my husband. Spock was not very pleased to have him on the couch, but they managed to find a common ground after all. This year my mom will be the piggysitter and my only fear is that I would find them fatter.

Oh, wait! I also imagine the worst case scenario regarding Spock’s seborrheic cyst – that it will burst open while I am gone. But hopefully it won’t happen and in case it will hopefully my mom will manage to solve it with the vet.

My biggest stress this time is connected to Bubble. She’s already been going through a stressful period with the temporary crèche and I would love for our 15 days together to be a time of reconnecting and just fulfilling her ‘mommy need’. But I have the feeling I am planning a vacation that will actually just pile up more stress for her.

We will be going to Romania where now is hot. I mean much hotter than Belgium. If here we get to 29° C and we already can’t breathe, there we will have around 35° on regular basis.

Next there will the one hour and something car trip from the airport to our home town and the one of at least 6 hours (in normal conditions, no kid on board) to the sea side. Her on time car trip stripped in a seat was of 1h15m and she wasn’t happy. We prepared new toys for her and other entertainment, but I still worry about how a very active kid will enjoy being belted in a car seat for few hours.

I don’t fear the over stimulation, although I am aware she will live it. There will be two new places in 10 days, the family dog, a garden, the Black Sea, the beach… But I know that as long as we (her parents) are there with her to insure the emotional stability and the ‘return to base’ need, she will be just fine.

And I also fear my in-between position… Her grandparents haven’t seen her in flesh and blood in the past year. And now they want to spend a lot of time with her. Totally understandable and totally acceptable. Just that I have no idea how she will react. She knows them from Skype, but has no idea about their scent or how they feel to touch. And I can’t stop wondering if they will not ask too much from her too soon and if she will not reject them and run to me. I fear offending their feelings and I fear not responding to my child’s needs.

So I fear and I am stressed. And as you can see I don’t even stress about luggage or the flight. But I do stress about feelings and emotions.

One thought on “The stress before the holidays

  1. It will be ok… You will all have an awsome time, for M it will be an adventure and than when you come back it will take yoi about 2 weeks to get back to the rythem.. So relax, stress will be there when you’re back


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